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Who We Are

Indigo Expres Logistics was founded 10 years ago as a security and an international freight forwarding agent with a long-range strategy of providing comprehensive and integrated logistics and materials management services for international freight forwarding companies in Madrid, Spain. The company’s entire infrastructure - its systems, services, facilities and personnel – has developed largely in direct response to the importation needs of Europe's industrial, commercial and public sectors. Indigo Expres Logistics provides security services to corporate institutions, individuals and safekeepings. We also provice logistics services including International Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance and Transportation to several companies in Europe and other continents serving as their agents in Europe. Although clearing of goods has over the years been Indigo Expres Logistics principal focus, the company also proudly services many large and small commercial exporters and importers. Indigo Expres Logistics's strong traffic expertise, advanced IT capabilities and rigid attention to documentation details make the company attractive to commercial as well as project shippers. Our long-standing international relationship gives Indigo Expres Logistics a global networking capability to handle cargo on a door-to-door basis, and to mobilize cargoes from all continents to any destination in worldwide.

What We Do

  • Ocean Freight

  • Air Freight

  • Logistics

  • Cargo Express

  • Warehousing

  • Custom Brokerage


Board of Directors

Tom Walker

President Director

Amanda Trust

Refining Director

Emma Stone

Finance Director

James Doe

Marketing Director

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Indigo Expres Logistics has over 7 years of experience providing reliable courier services. Our dedication and professionalism to our work has secured us the title of the leading courier company. Call Today for a Free Estimate! +447537174414


Our company is being managed efficiently by a team of well experienced and professionally qualified personnel in their respective fields of activity. The company's management comprises of Directors and Managers who have vast experience in shipping and its allied activities, cargo operations, total logistics and general business management.

Freight Payment Options

We accept various means of easy payment which include Bank Wire, Westen Union Money Transfer and MoneyGram. Any other means of payment will be communicated to our customers.

Compliance Solutions

A comprehensive distribution network has been established servicing all areas nationwide and cross border globally.Our daily operations include deliveries to all major shopping centres and malls throughout the country as well as overnight road freight services.